Shit League Players Say

I like browsing the Tribunal on League of Legends. Sometimes the things people say are amusing. Most of the time, you get nonsense like this that shouldn't be said or repeated.

That's what this is. It's shit League of Legends players actually say (and most likely shouldn't); it's what people complain about, especially when they say it makes the game uncomfortable.

Toxic players and people are bad everywhere. This isn't to pick on League of Legends; it's because that's where I see it. There may occasionally be screens from other games, but it's predominantly from League of Legends.

Visit Tribunal Transcripts for even more cringe-worthy behaviour.

The amount of “it’s not harmful” reblogs I see when I post these examples sort of make me facepalmy because people don’t seem to understand the underlying meaning of casual homophobia; we also see the same resistance to the casual use of terms designated for people who are mentally different. And the same thing goes for casual racism and casual sexism.

We’re getting better about the latter two (though by reading through the Tribunal, you’d never know — and even other places like Reddit sometimes seem inundated with casual hatred/discrimination), but nearly every chat log includes some form of casual homophobia. And, obviously, it’s not always the person reported.

Maybe you should also check out the No Homophobes website by the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta just to see how much of it pervades social networking like Twitter.

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